Working at UTI

Working hard. Laughing harder. While having the best view of Rotterdam in the background.

Our work. Your job?

Working at UTI. We’d all like to, don’t we? You’ll get the most impressive view of Rotterdam. Lunch from our local Surinamese kitchen (Whoops, did we make yours too spicy?). And the best colleagues with their, let’s be honest, somewhat remarkable sense of humour (don’t worry, we’ll get you some water to go with that sandwich). Besides that, we have regular trips with the team. Whether we go to London for the weekend to see some soccer or hang out in our local pub, we always have a great time.

So yes, we get it. You’d like to work here. But frankly, we have to be honest and we’re just going to put it out there: working at UTI doesn’t suit everyone. So who DO we look for? First of all, you got to love the port (we don’t mean the drink, but the one situated right there in Rotterdam). Men and women who are devoted to the harbour. The ones who can combine hard work with a great laugh. Those who know how to give, and how to get. We are looking for the people who want to go all-in for our clients, even though it might be late or the weekend just started. Are you up for our challenge? View our vacancies below and come along for a coffee (and a sandwich, we dare you!).

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